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Commissariat aux langues officielles - Lettre ouverte en anglais envoyée à plusieurs médias anglophones

Graham Fraser

Graham Fraser

Most Canadians (including Québécois) do not know that the federal government allocates close to a billion $ in its 5 years action plans to our country official languages. Most Canadians do not know either that this has never been independently audited in order to find out exactly how is this money actually spent. And neither has the Parliamentary Budget Officer ever paid attention to this rather large expenditure, even if former Auditor General Sheila Fraser once indicated that these were far too convoluted for her to make sense of. If Canadians were better informed, wouldn’t most of them suspect that an important chunk of this money has been and remain milked by the political party in power for rewarding evilish partisanship, as Stephen Harper Conservatives has excelled at. Most Canadians would likely ask for something to be done. Yet, no political parties has promised during this last campaign an independent audit on these large expenditures. Perhaps our medias should pay more attention since official languages are not only a Québec matter afterall. In fact, many francophones living outside Québec have recently been paying more attention and tweeting: #NousComptons? Shall we then perhaps better count?

Réjean Beaulieu

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