La campagne promotionnelle d’intérêt public « Oui, je parle français » ( faisant la promotion du français au Québec diffusée sur les ondes de la station de télévision anglophone de Montréal CTV soulève de nombreux commentaires hostiles, haineux et racistes comme ceux-ci extraits du site Web de CTV.

Really? An anti Anglo ad on ctv? Why would an English station do that? Guess CBC is the way to go now. Why in the world would you do such a thing! I think an apology should be issued to Anglophones and a retraction done. Thank you to the group that informed me on this. Their name will not be said for their protection. Fellow Anglos comment against this outrageous encouragement of an extremist government group.


Imperatif francais? Not in my house!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Having a fringe francophone extremist group ADVERTISING on CTV Montreal?!? Have you completely lost your minds??

Hi CTV, are you so desperate for money the much you run anti-anglo adds? seriously? how smart is it to run adds that targeted toward your audience!!

guess the almighty dollar is worth more to you then anything. Allowing a radical group like Imperative Francais to place an add with you people is akin to treason.


Remember, they are not just anti-Anglo, but also anti other religions. How do you feel about that?


REALLY !!!! an anti anglo add , this is pure racism on english TV … we do have rights , i guess we know where CTV stands , right next to Ma’tante Pauline and her clowns …


What a terrible anti-anglo ad you played on CTV!! As if we don’t have enough thrown in our faces on a daily basis to make us feel like unwanted outcasts and now YOU have joined ‘their’ bandwagon!!?? This is betrayal..plain and simple!!! It feels like everyone has gone MAD!!!

Isn’t this an English station? If I want to speak french I will, If I don’t no ads will make me do it. Are you trying to lose viewers? Because you just did.

Any news on impératif francais, disgusting ads

Québec belongs to « The Peoples of The First Nations! » There will be no problem deporting separatist back to France, but the only problem is they will not be welcomed!


CTV, please answer the MANY inquiries that have been voiced here – why are you showing ads for Impératif français? Is your target audience not English speaking viewers? These promote the eradication of English in Quebec….. how can you possibly endorse this type of discriminatory behaviour? Stop avoiding the question and (1) answer & (2) pull the ads.