Impératif français exige les sociétés à charte fédérale qui oeuvrent au Québec soient soumises à la Charte de la langue française.

Agressions linguistiques des sociétés à charte fédérale : le cas d’Air Canada est un exemple parmi d’autres!

Ci-dessous, des extraits d’un article en anglais du Calgary Herald :

Francophone group complains Air Canada agreement imposed unilingual contract

OTTAWA — A French-language rights group is denouncing Air Canada for requiring a union to waive the rights of workers to have their collective agreement translated into French.

Jean-Paul Perreault, president of Imperatif francais, suggested that the agreement, reached on June 16, was a violation of the airline’s obligations under the Official Languages Act, which protects the rights of English- and French-speaking minority communities across the country.

« Air Canada is behaving in a very predatory manner toward francophones and the French language, » said Perreault. « It’s rotten. »

Perreault said the case is another example in a long list of problems with the airline that have prompted complaints, mainly because of services and operations that were not offered to francophones.

Perreault said the federal government should intervene and even introduce legislation to protect the French language and require those operating in Quebec under federal jurisdiction to respect the province’s existing legislation that makes French the official language.

Pour en savoir plus : http://www.calgaryherald.com/business/Francophone+group+complains+Canada+agreement+imposed+unilingual+contract/5603238/story.html

Et sur le même sujet : http://www.imperatif-francais.org/bienvenu/articles/2011/air-canada-et-le-parlement-canadien.html