Ce que le Canada anglais pense du Québec et de la francophonie.

Les citations suivantes sont extraites des médias anglophones suivants :


: OC Ottawa Citizen, OS Ottawa Sun, MG Montreal Gazette, NP National Post, TS Toronto Star

In Ottawa, francophones have more than equal rights : they have special status…..more than the Italians, the Greeks, the Jews and the Asians who have contributed so much more than to our city that the French did…….No other minority group has been treated as well as the way francophones have been treated not only in in Ottawa but also in the rest of Canada….Bilingualism has turned the federal government into francophone fraternities….. Why, the government phone book now looks like a voters list in Lac St- Jean. (OC170101)

Bouchard was a passionate, effective voice, an able and intelligent politician and an affable man if you overlook certain characteristics who were also attributed to Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung and Idi Amin…..Bouchard was an enemy of Canada…..he committed the ultimate act of betrayal when he left federal politics to join the Quebec separatists in their bid to destroy Canada……an enemy of the concept of Canada as will be his successor…..he’s gone but separatism isn’t. (Peter Worthington, OS 160101)

Bouchard has resigned and it’s another separatist lunatic that will take over the asylum that is Quebec…..A party now run by younger militants racists and doddering old fools……their language policies and their « pure laine » racism will get them excluded from the international world markets whose working language is English only (OS 140101)

What is astounding is that Bouchard and his cronies were never charged with treason……I hope our weak federal government will soon summon the cojones to treat them as the traitors they are (OS 150101)

A relative of Bouchard’s wife was imprisoned at Auschwitz…..Ms Best’s step-grandfather was a French Jew ….Evelyne Abitbol, Bouchard’s former press attaché is Jewish, and he has many Jewish

friends……Michaud cannot understand the furor his words caused and rather wonders why Charles Bronman was not censured also when, in 1976, he described the Parti Quebecois as « bastards trying to take away my country ». NP 130101)

Ethnic votes during the referendum kept this country intact and I didn’t hear a single word of thanks addressed to them.(TS 111100)

Equality Party leader Keith Henderson compares the defenders of Quebec’s language laws to those who supported the Spanish Inquisition, the racist US integration and the South African apartheid policies. (MG 310799)

The Frankenweenie Games are coming to Ottawa…..Oh, sorry, I meant Francophony. Sorry I mean Francophonie…..some of them will play at Kick-the-Queen-in-her-royal-bumba to the strains of La Marseilleise…..French kiss me once and French-kiss me once again (Earl McCrae, OS 240900)

It would be an insult and an outrage for the 85% of Ottawa’s population that is anglophone if the new city is declared officially bilingual. Again, bilingualism (meaning francophones) it will be shoved down our throats (OS 011299)

The fight for French means linguistic cleansing in Ontario. The dispersion of anglophones and allophones from Ontario will turn ugly because they have nowhere to go. Linguistic persecution in Canada must come to an end. Ontario’s Bill 8 must be repealed. (OCC1099)

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Prime Minister Chretien musters the courage to tell Ralph Klein that Edmonton, as a capital city, must be declared officially blingual. What Ottawa decides on the issue of languages is no business of the Prime Minister nor the federal government. In Ottawa bilingualism is already evident everywhere. (Editorial OS 121299)

In response to your bigoted and feeble attempt to support bilingualism for Ottawa, I can do without you and your rag so cancel my subscription. Yours is a dimwitted point of view as you seem to imply that Canada is an officially bilingual country. Shame on you, an English newspaper for supporting bilingualism.(OS 161299)

In what part of the Montfort hospital parking lot did you guys do your poll? I’ll never believe that 52% of Ottawans want the new city to be bilingual. (OS 151299)

Your pollsters must have interviewed only francophones to find 52% of Ottawans who favor bilingualism. (OS 151299)

Here we go again : 18% of the population dictating to the 82% majority. The amalgamation of Ottawa takes a « distinc» odour as we introduce French by decree. The smart francophones gain experience, hone their English and move south. The not so smart stay and keep on ruling Canada (OC 020300)

Yesterday, incendiary language was used by opponents of bilingualism. « Racist » and « dumb » epithets were tossed at Quebecers in general and French speaking members of the Ottawa transition board, during a meeting last night. The Canadians for Language Fairness Association claims that too many concessions have already been made to accommodate francophones in Ottawa since Canada is an English-speaking country. (OC140300)

I’m getting sick and tired of some of us objecting to bilingualism in the capital of Canada being branded as bigots and racists (OC 050400)

There are many reasons for not declaring Ottawa bilingual: cost of staffing, translation and the needless expense of having to say everything twice. The cost of additional paper alone boggles the mind. ( OC )

Why so much fuss about an idiot like Bouchrard quitting. He was committed to the destruction of Canada. Yawn, Yawn. Now if only that other French idiot, Chrétien, equally guilty of wanting to destroy Canada would quit, THAT would be good news. (OS210101)

Around here, to make something bilingual means to make it French. (OS 151299)

How come Hull, which is part of Canada’s capital, is not officially bilingual ? (OC131299)

We soon will all have to learn Chinese, Arabic, Italian and other languages if we are forced to learn French for the sole purpose of being able to serve them in their own language. (OC 131299)

Professional agitators are at it again, pushing for bilingualism for Ottawa. Our region has long served as a model of linguistic tolerance and social harmony. We even have some French schools. (Editorial OS 121299)

Mr Shortcliffe was ill advised to request bilingualism for the new Ottawa. The Ontario government should move in rapidly to scrap that zany idea. ( Editorial : OS 071299)

Making Ottawa bilingual will eventyally mean linguistic cleansing in Ontario. Linguistic persecution of anglophones must be terminated immediately. (OC 011299)

Ottawa is already bilingual. Many of our street signs are bilingual. (OS 101299)

Chretien, Copps, Boudria and the entire federal government should butt out of our linguistic debate. It is none of their business what happens in Ottawa. We are an Ontario minicipality. (OS 121299)

Canada should recognize other ethnic groups whose ancestors, together with the British, have contributed a lot more than the French-Canadians to the development of this country. (OC 210400)

I want to know how many Ottawa francophones can’t speak English before I agree to spend a single penny for bilingualism. Let’s agree it’s all about unfair employment for privileged French-speaking individuals. (OC200400)

You’re welcome to leave anytime, frogs. Just leave this land that anglo tax payers have paid for entirely and died for during two world wars while you went into hiding and allowed Hitler to take over. Go, separatists and take that f… pegleg pr…with you. And old crooked mouth also. (Internet)

There is no more need for French in Ottawa than for English in Chicoutimi. Francophone contribution to the development of our country was restricted to a small strip of land along the St Lawrence. (OC181500)

Yesterday, incendiary language was used by opponents of bilingualism. Epithets such as « racist » and « dumb » were tossed at Quebecers in general and French speaking members of the Ottawa Transition Board during a meeting of the Association for Language Fairness members last night. Their claim is that too many concessions have already been made to accommodate francophones in Ottawa since Canada is an English-speaking country. (OC140300)

I’m getting sick and tired of some of us objecting to bilingualism in the capital of Canada being banded as bigots and racists (OC 050400)

There are many reasons for not declaring Ottawa bilingual: cost of staffing, translation and the needless expense of time and money for having to say everything twice. The cost of additional paper alone boggles the mind. ( OC )

Some excerpts from the Lowell Green CFRA open-line show:

(Comments by callers)

It is evident that we are witnessing an attempt to make not only Canada but all of North America French (100899)

Unless we immediately declare Canada unilingual English, English will soon be wiped out of Canada (100899)

Why whould Francophone moving to our region not accept a certain degree of integration as do other immigrants? They must accept that our customs and culture are different from theirs and they must adapt. ( 181199)

Official bilingialism, NEVER! The only contribution made to our region by Quebecers has been corruption, and it is not stopped now it will spread across the country.( 070799)

It has now become impossible to obtain service in English when phoning any federal government department(100899)

Why must all of Canada be made blingual when no one is allowed to speak English in Quebec? (100899)

Lowell, I have just completed some tests that confirm that the volume of French channels on television is always higher at that of the Englsih channels

Lowell could you confirm that Quebec is building a special prison in northern Quebec for those found guilty of breaking the racist sign law? ( 070799)

The time has come to pass a law making it impossible for anyone from Quebec to be appointed to the federal government cabinet (040899)

The only solution to the Quebec problem is to send in the army and arrest all Péquiste and Blociste politicians for sedition

Could not Queen’s Park pass a law making it illegal for Quebec residents to work in Ontario? (070400)

In Montreal we used to be able to get work if we spoke French. Then we got fired if we spoke with an accent. And now it’s impossible to obtain work unless you have a French name. (191199)

(Comments by the host, Lowell Green)

It is well known that unions from coast to coast contributed millions of dollars to finance the separatist campaign during the last referendum (290699)

Caller : « Lowell I just read the last Official Language Commissioner report and I’m upset ».
Lowell : « Let »s not waste any time duscussing that crap. Victor
Goldbloom is an idiot anyway »

Folks you won’t believe this. Chretien has authorized the awarding of some international awards to a couple of Bloc MPs and it will take place in the hall of the House of Commons. Can you imagine France allowing some Basque separatists trying to separate from France (sic) to receive awards on the grounds of the French parliament

Boy am I ever steaming. Those brown shirt nazi language Police bastards are giving those patriotic citizens of Shawville a hard time.

And, at the same time, we in Ottawa continue to go out of our way to ensure that Francophones receive full services in their language, especially in hospitals (200899)

What an insult to Canadian history. Our new Governor General attended a ceremony honoring Louis Riel, a criminal who killed priests and tortured and raped women. And they dared to hold that ceremony right near the North West Mounted Police monument. This is as shameful as if they honored FLQ killers next to where Pierre Laporte used to live (171199)

I’m telling you that the first day after separation, Quebec- Hydro pylons are coming down (020299)

General Romeo Dallaire is a shame and a disgrace to his uniform and his country.

I’ll tell you why Navy Vets aren’t getting any recognition. Hardly any are from Quebec and none at all from Shawinigan (180699)

I’ll tell you why we’re having trouble getting a new War Museum. The existing museum in under the management of the Civilization Museum which is situated In Hull. And Hull is in Quebec. And we all know that French Canadians, because of their actions during the conscription crisis, have no interest in remembering anything about that war (081199)

Visit Montreal and any other part of Quebec. The complete desolation is unbelievable. (151199)

(During the Saguenay flood) We should not offer any assistance to them unless they imediately renounce to ever holding another referendum

Elderly caller with a strong French accent :

« Mr Green I »m a first time caller»
LG : « Well, well, a virgin caller from Hull. I didn »t know
you still had virgins in Hull » (100500)

Finally, Claude Ryan and Daniel Johnson have come out of the closet and confirmed that they are separatists (100298)

Why would anyone enroll their kids in a French immersion program unless it is to add a certain cachet to their social life ( 100999)

Why is it important for people who can speak English to be served in French? (100900)

Parti-Quececois members are nothing but racist bastards. Suzanne Tremblay is a racist, fascist bitch. (Flag incident at the Olympics)

It’s getting to a point where the hair of my neck bristles every time I see a Quebec plate on the car of one of them working on the Ontario side

Remember you Ottawans that if you dare drive in Quebec with Ontario plates, you are certain to be pulled over and issued a ticket even if they must invent a reason.(170699)

What Quebec is doing to its anglophones is pure genocide, a combination of racism and ethnic cleansing.

How come Ottawa is budgeting money for francophone associations in Alberta when there isn’t a single francophone living there (2-1199)

A friend of mine overheard Raymond Villeneuse saying that so many Anglos are dying of old age that he might not need to kill any of them (251099)

Why do we allow our school boards to hire Quebecers to teach French immersion kintergarten if it is not to brainwash kids very early about some alleged need for bilingialism ( –0299)

Relax folks. Ottawa will never be bilingual.Why would anyone who speaks English request to be served in French? French might remain a privilege but will never be a right. (131299)

Lowell I own a midsize business and I have for sometime refused to hire anyone with a French name. (070600)

NDLR – La compilation de tous ces textes a été réalisée par notre correspondant M. Jean Paquette jean.paq@videotron.ca )